Rólunk kép




On television, we were always a bit envious of stories depicting families who have managed to bring a dream to life thanks to their cohesion and diligence - and not least because they have respected the older generation's teachings.

A dream, the road to which was always paved with sacrifices, conflicts between parents and children, and incredible perseverance. As long as we remember, our family have always worked ... what might be a lot of work for others, turned out to be too little for our parents and grandparents at the end of the day. The initial rebellion that we want to live a different life! Today nothing but a gently mocked memory because you realize after a while that the family values received from home will unnoticeably shape you, even if not immediately, and from that moment on, all of your actions and thoughts will be permeated with respect, appreciation, unconditional love and the spirit of unity.

Family... this word means to us the values of the past that we live today and will pass on in the future.

Puscho Kft was founded in 1994 by our parents and is still run as a family business.

Our mother and father had a dream, which they managed to fulfill with their diligence, perseverance and respect for work.

They dared to think big... and we, their children, keep on dreaming even further from day to day, following their example.

For us, the management, it is important to pass the values brought from home on to our employees, thus preserving the tradition that is getting less and less common in today's busy world, or which we ignore not knowing what we should do with it...

We have colleagues who have been with us since the company's foundation, and much of what makes up Puscho Kft is today, we have achieved together with them.

We believe that our commitment to preserving traditions, our perseverance and diligence as well as mutual respect regardless of positions have been major contributors to our success.

Our history of more than twenty years is the proof that we have successfully passed on the values we wish to represent.

Already since the beginning, we were eager to seek new horizons and thus provide our employees and their families more security and stability.

Running a company means assuming responsibility for our colleagues, whose everyday work, perseverance and reliability have made Puscho Kft a a dynamically developing and recognized undertaking.

Managing Directors

Éva Molnárné Schoblocher and Antal Schoblocher jun.

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