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Puscho Kft has been providing textile cleaning for catering businesses since 2005. Our ISO certified laundry and our services offered have seen major changes in the past years.

March 2005...

We have seized the opportunity to try our luck in a field entirely different from the construction industry. We were curious to explore the new task from the "household laundry" perspective. From the very beginnings, we have put great emphasis on meeting all needs and fulfilling every requirement with this entirely new service of ours. We have given a great deal of consideration to the compilation of our washing, drying and pressing equipment in addition to the basic technology for cleaning and have worked with the selected units ever since.

Looking back on the past years, not only our plant but also our machinery has seen considerable changes and extensions.

With our full service, which has brought us customer satisfaction and confidence, our laundry has played a role of ever-increasing importance on the domestic textile cleaning market.

We have realized development and investment projects from own resources and EU funds.

Our market position roots in the reliability offered by our Primus washing machines, that ensure continued production, in our high quality dryers (of world-renowned brands such as Kannegiesser, Jensen, and Primus) and last but not least in the commitment of our employees.

Our first Kannegiesser pressing equipment was put into service in the spring of 2014. The machine has exceeded all our expectations in terms of capacity, and it offers specific, individual programs for the treatment of our customers' flat textiles. Its productivity has tempted us to cherish new and more daring plans...

In the past few years the occupancy of hotels has been continuously increasing, regardless of the accommodation's type or the season. The rapidly growing number of guests per nights have led to an increased textile consumption. In order to ensure that our customers' requests such as same-day-return can be met without difficulties and without interruption, we put into operation one 120 kg and two 55 kg washing machines, a terry folder Kannegiesser type and our second high-performance Kannegiesser pressing equipment in the summer of 2016.

The capacity of our extended machine pool has not only made service for our existing customers more predictable but it has also enabled us to execute new orders with immediate deadlines.

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Éva Molnárné Schoblocher, Managing Director


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