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About Puscho Kft's CSR

Objective: To improve environment protection, protect work force, improve fair business policy and techniques, and sustainable procurement and the renewal of the ISO 9001 quality management system.

Action Plan:

1. Renewal, implementation and use of the ISO 9001 quality management system in everyday work based on the 2017 guidelines.

Using the system helps us ensure the phase-by-phase traceability of our services while at the same time documenting the accurate control of the workflows and measuring our customers' satisfaction using our customized feedback forms. We process and evaluate the data collected as we strive to improve our service quality and take it to a higher level.

Implementation: By November 15, 2017

2. Protection of the environment, use of environmentally-friendly products, waste separation

From the very beginnings, Puscho Kft has been committed to using eco-friendly detergents that are free of irritant ingredients.

The empties of our detergents are collected in accordance with strict specifications, and are handled and documented in compliance with environmental regulations.

We encourage our team to act and think in an environmentally conscious manner. We have created a selective waste collection area where we have managed to optimize waste storage using a BRAMIDAN B3 type compactor on a daily basis.

When setting up our plant, we have paid great attention to use equipment and machines in our daily work that have the lowest possible impact on the environment in terms of their energy consumption.

3. Establishment of human-centered contacts with colleagues, labor practice, human rights

As an equal opportunity employer, Puscho Kft does not discriminate in recruitment with respect to a person's sex, age, ethnic or national origin. For us, it is an important aspect to establish human-centered working conditions with a familiar, safe and comfortable athmoshphere. We provide personal protection equipment (PPE), individual workwear according to the season, and protective drinks free of charge for all our employees. We provide regular occupational safety and accident prevention trainings on the correct use and the importance of the protective equipment. We organize on-site medical screening for our employees free of charge on an annual basis.

To protect our employees’ health and to prevent health impairment, we regularly measure noise and dust emissions.

Our employees are welcome to use our eating facilities, recreation and social rooms that are equipped with all amenities.

Colleagues in charge of administrative work are provided ergonomic working equipment. The computer monitors are easy on the eye and low-emission. Employees working in front of screens are given the breaks in compliance with the regulations.

Daily communication between the management and the staff is ensured and we regularly organize team-building events with a great emphasis on a human-centered approach.

4. Invitations to tender for procurements

In the years 2008, 2009, 2011 and 2013, Puscho Kft won a tender for the acquisition of new state-of-the-art machinery. Thanks to this, we could extend the capacity of our laundry and were able to create new jobs.

Our participation in another tender in 2013 was likewise successful and we could realize the results during the first quarter of the year 2014. Winning the tender has enabled us to implement an operational directive that is optimizedin terms of both logistics and production.

5. Fair business practices

Our primary objective is to establish long-term relationships with our partners that are based on reliability, accuracy, precision, the provision of high quality services and adherence to financial discipline. We strive to resolve existing or emerging conflicts in the short term.

In order to maintain our market positions and competitiveness and to increase our profitability, we aim to provide services matching our customers' needs. To this end, we must pay particular attention to the quality of our services and it is crucial that all of our employees are committed to quality work, continuously striving to improve the quality of their work and to identify and resolve quality-related problems.

6. Anti-corruption clause

Puscho Kft is committed to compliance with anti-corruption rules and confirms that the amounts / remuneration paid to them are not used for illegal purposes - including purposes that represent any violation of the anti-corruption laws - such as the direct or indirect payment or payment made by third parties to government officers for the purpose of assisting Puscho Kft in winning or maintaining business.

Puscho Kft hereby declares that its member(s), officer(s), owner(s) and employee(s) do not hold any government office, do(es) not make(s) payments or payment-related offers for any government officer and do(es) not make nor has/have any third party make any direct or indirect offer nor execute(s) any payment to government officers for the purpose of influencing governmental decisions or effecting them for the benefit of Puscho Kft and do(es) not employ any subcontractor, advisory agent, trusted person or representative without prior and thorough documented verification of their personality, reputation and integrity; Puscho Kft further undertakes not to employ in connection with this Agreement any subcontractor, advisory agent or representative, who does not comply with the anti-corruption laws and who, in the event of failure to comply with such laws, does not notify Puscho Kft immediately.

The contracting partyshall, at Puscho Kft's written request, disclose to Puscho Kft within 14 days the receipt and use of such payments provided in the framework of their agreements.

Puscho Kft is entitled to terminate agreements with immediate effect in the case where the contracting party is in breach of the provisions set out in the anti-corruption clause.

7. Donations

Puscho Kft has supported various charitable purposes during the last few years in the form of donations. Charitable projects include, amongst others:

• 2006: supporting the "Together For Children With Leukemia" Foundation in cooperation with Johnson Diversey Hungary Kft;

• since 2010: supporting the Szentendre kindergarden, by offering our paper waste for their waste collection campaign and by supporting the proper placement of EU-funded children's games and other installations around the kindergarden;

• 2013: supporting the Dunabogdány kindergarden;

• 2014: supporting the Motomax Motorsport Association;

• Supporting the Szentendre Izbégi Secondary School by offering our paper waste for their waste collection campaign;

• Supporting the Foundation "For the Izbégi Children";

• 2016: sponsorship for the GP MOTOCROSS SE.

Dunabogdány, January 2, 2017.

Managing Director

Éva Molnárné Schoblocher, Managing Director

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